Foster Youth Internship • May 16-21, 2021

    To apply for the 2021 Foster Youth Internship (May 16-21, 2021), please complete the application form by:

    1. Reading the 2021 LICF FYI Program document; View Document
    2. Answering ALL questions below;
    3. Uploading your Resume and Application below;
    4. Sending a copy of your Academic Transcript to
    5. Confirming that your letter of recommendation has been sent to

    Application Essay

    Essays must be double-spaced, use 12 point Times New Roman font, use proper spelling and grammar, and pages must be numbered. Your essay must include all three of the following: (1) how your life experiences have shaped your interest in and skills for this internship program (2) how this experience fits with your goals and future aspirations, and (3) legislative changes you would want to make to the child welfare system at the federal level based on what you have seen and your experiences. For example, how would you improve foster care for current and future foster youth? Supporting research is required, and applicants must cite sources in the MLA or APA format. Do not submit more than 4 pages; only the first 4 pages will be considered. ALL essay guidelines must be followed.


    1. Send your transcript to and;
    2. Make sure a letter of recommendation is sent to on your behalf.